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Debbie Abdool, C.P.P., AlnstIB

Business Advisor
& Professional Consultant


Our attitude and commitment to our client’s success sets us apart from the traditional consulting firm.  DASA Consulting Services’ Philosophy behind our corporate commitment is built on the reputation and professional achievements of Founder & Owner, Debbie Abdool.

Focus — Expertise – Skill — Attitude — These are essential ingredients that, we believe, make a difference in delivering successful “Consulting Services”.  Our Attitude demands that we leave a positive experience in the minds of our clients.  Our service philosophy is based very much on the same principal of achieving successful, sustainable, strategic, long term relationships for our clients —  we build our business on integrity and reputation — referrals and repeat clients — your success is our success we are “Committed to Earning Your Confidence”.


“The greatest reward in being a part of any initiative, is knowing that you made enough of a difference to create an awareness of a greater standard of service and, thereby, raising expectations and, ultimately, the bar for service excellence”
—Debbie Abdool.


Successful Advisory and Consulting Services require strong Leadership skills — the kind that develops with the ability to achieve results and inspire change without the use of formal authority — we focus on engaging people — creating value around our client’s needs.

Debbie Abdool is an Accredited Executive Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). The IIB Credentials enables her to provide practical advice to business owners that need expertise, guidance and mentoring. She has access to various networks of over 5,000 other Business Owners and Associates to deliver flexible solutions and hands-on expertise for every possible issue imaginable, which businesses face today. By leveraging her knowledge and business skills with those of her various networks, she is committed to improving the odds of survival for our clients in Small— Medium Enterprise (SME).

Debbie Abdool is also an Accredited and Certified C.P.P. by the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC).  Drawing on her 20+ years of diverse background and experience in the Purchasing, Contracts and Supply Chain Management Profession, and engaging Integrative Planning & Project Management models, she embraces every opportunity available to drive Corporate strategic awareness in the acquisition of Goods & Services, for Public and Private Enterprise.  Whether Private or Public, this is key to the success of businesses (regardless of size), and this cannot be achieved without authentic respect and a sincere effort to create value for all of the players connected to our organization.

Debbie Abdool is directly involved in all client projects.  Consultants hired must embrace our commitment to deliver consistency of our business philosophy and achieve service excellence.

  We look forward to an opportunity to earn your confidence!



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