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Are your support functions engaged at a planning and strategic level with internal clients or are they reacting to individual client requests for processing support?

     —  Strategic Leveraging Opportunities

Do Vendors sign your contracts or do you sign standard vendor contracts?

     —  Performance Based and Long Term Relationship Impact Opportunities

Do your contracts serve across your organization or do you have functional supply agreements?

     —  Strategic Leveraging, Partnership or Alliance Program Opportunities
Are the Stakeholder Satisfaction levels for your Support Services at a high, average, or low level rating — are you aware of the individual rating levels for services?

     —  Collaboration, Relationship Building and Customer Service Improvement Opportunities

 Is there a GAP in your internal Stakeholder expectations and the Support Services you provide?

     —  GAP Analysis, Process and Customer Service Improvement Opportunties

Are your staff working with Generic Equipment Lists that do not meet internal stakeholder and support services needs — do they incorporate organizational standardization, best practice models, safety — are you incurring significant change order overruns due to F&E specifications?

     —  Capital Project Management Opportunities

Do your stakeholders have a positive experience during transition and occupancy of new or renovated space or is the process disorganized and disjointed?

     —  Capital Project Management Opportunities






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