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DASA Consulting Services offers flexible business solutions, integrative planning and implementation strategies in two distinctive portfolios — Specialized Professional Consulting Services and General Business Advisory Services.
We provide business owners with independent, unbiased mentoring, support and advice to help them reconnect with their original vision or establish a new vision for their business, and which supports their personal long-term goals — making their lifestyle and retirement plans a certainty.
Our Founder and Owner is part of various networks of over 5,000 other business owners, allowing us to additionally leverage a high caliber of experts to provide hands-on expertise in improving our client’s performance, achieve growth and profitability, and free up their time so they can achieve balance in their lives.
Our Founder and Owner is also an Accredited Executive Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) — this credential, along with over 20 years of diverse experience, enables us to deliver practical advice to meet your unique needs. We work directly with business owners to deliver flexible solutions to every possible issue imaginable that businesses face today — we are committed to improving the odds of survival for our clients in Small—Medium Enterprise (SME).







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