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Why A Professional Consultant (PC)

  • They cost too much — fees are high
  • Waste of time — stretch in-house resources instead
  • Limited knowledge of our business
  • Creates employee insecurity, especially those in the affected field of expertise

PC’s deliver on Efficiencies vs. Costs.  The real cost is focused on the Return on Investment (ROI) — The initial upfront project output is short-term and is associated with long-term efficiencies & results: ROI Cost Containment
Long-term Strategies & Efficiencies

In-house Staff can already be stretched thin and focused on day-to-day service delivery.  There may also be a GAP in skills or experience required to focus strategically on efficiencies and value applied outside the function and at a corporate level — the Big Picture View.   With a PC the Project Management  is uncompromised by these factors and by any change resistance and conflict of interest factors: Focus Commitment Integrity Outcome Impact Project Success

Reassigning or Seconding staff to large scale projects create inevitable Resource GAPs.  With a PC the day-to-day staff can remain focused on current services and provide information as needed vs. shifting their focus to managing the project, relationships and outcomes
 Service Sustainability  Resource Alignment and Performance Efficiencies

These Resource GAPs created by shifting staff around in reassignment or seconded roles ultimately results in the need for new hires to backfill and an invisible cycle contributing to escalation of Payroll commitments.  PC’s are an expense confined to the Project Lifecycle Costs
Resource Planning Integrity Corporate Budget and Bottom Line Impact

PC’s have the freedom to focus & the skills and competencies to support Integrative Planning All Stakeholders Represented Perceptual Buy-in
Customer Satisfaction

PC’s are independent and unbiased and have no hidden agendas.  Their primary goal is a successful outcome Results Driven Client Focus
Internal Relationship Development

PC’s are retained with a Strategic Corporate Focus vs. in-house Functional Focuses.  PC’s keep the agenda committed to delivering outcomes that support the Corporate Goals & Objectives Corporate Goals & Objectives Alignment







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