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Purchasing & Contracts Management

Highlights of our current practice and service offerings:


Identify synergies and strategic leveraging opportunities to reduce costs, create value and efficiencies, and improve stakeholder satisfaction

Develop RFP’s, manage competitive process and negotiations with internal and external stakeholders to point of award

Create and implement “Performance Based” Supply Contracts and Service Level Agreements with all internal and external stakeholders

Identify efficiencies targets and measurements to track progress and results for accountability and reporting

Develop Corporate Policies and Procedures for standardization and centralization of support services

Perform GAP analysis and prepare formal report for senior management. 
Report consists of a formal study of Support Service Delivery for Purchasing and Contracts Management.  The study focuses on existing services vs. stakeholder expectations — recommendations for changes required in the support structure, resource alignment, integration platforms and stakeholder engagement — strategy to remove GAPS and deliver sustainable stakeholder satisfaction.







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